Will the GPU fit in this case ?

i will buy GTX 780 Gigabyte windforce ( and it's a pretty big GPU but i heard it has better cooling ) my other options were : Zotac GTX 780 AMP! 3GB GDDR5 & ASUS Geforce GTX 780 DCU II OC 3GB GDDR5

but when i asked people said the windforce 780 is a better card for cooling

well , now all the cases here are really bad except those 2 :

ZALMAN MS800 Plus Mid Tower Case & ZALMAN Z11 Plus HF1 Mid Tower Case

i need to choose one to buy it , which will fit my card better ? thanks in advance :)
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  1. Hey Ramy , can you tell me where are you from ? It seems like you live in Egypt .
  2. hello , yes i live in egypt , and few retailers here have good cases , someone was selling a corsair one and it was amazing , but seems he sold all of them ...
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    These are all the cases available in Egypt with their prices , after you see the one you like be sure to go to and put all of your parts in a custom build of yours then if the card won't fit you'll see in the bottom of the screen a compatibility issue if not then you're fine and good to go :)
  4. Z11 Plus HF1 - 290mm VGA allowed
    ZALMAN MS800 Plus - Without the side guide 300mm high performance VGA card can be installed.
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