how to stream video from pc to smart tv for free

I want to stream movies from pc to samsung smart tv for free
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  1. If your PC have a HDMI output then connect it to the tv ( I think netflix has HDCP protection so it won't stream but I might be wrong ) however thats the easiest way.
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    It depends how "smart" your tv is. Almost everything uses what is called DLNA to accomplish this. If the TV supports it and you load a player on some device in your house you can send video to the TV. There are some basic video players are are free. There are of course limitations but if you have the video content on the PC itself you can likely stream it to a DLNA compatible TV. It would get tricky to stream content from the internet and then forward it to the TV mostly because of copyright protect.
  3. Well, I have a Phillips smart TV and I just right click on any video (common formats, like mp4) and I have the option "Play on > Philips TV". It just streams it, through wi-fi. So it pretty much depends on your TV...
  4. Install Serviio onto your computer, or install a DLNA server onto your phone (if you wish to stream movies, images & video from your phone) and set up which files/folders you want your TV to access
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