Ram chip and motherboard compatibility issue

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I recently purchased a motherboard and a ram chip which I was told should work with my motherboard. But when I went to the manual of my motherboard the ram chip was not on the compatibility list. I have a Asus-Z77a motherboard and a patriot viper ddr3 4gb 1600 mhz ram chip. So I've been looking around the internet and people are saying the compatibility list doesn't really matter, I just wanted to get your opinions before I opened this ram chip. Do you think my ram chip and my motherboard are compatible? I have only one ram chip if that's something you guys need to know lol.
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    Nope the QVL on the DRAM is just a small sampling of available DRAM - they basically just 'test' with whatever they have in the shop at the time - often they won't have newer models and can often fine DRAM listed that's been out of production for years, the Vipers in 1600 should be fine with your mobo and more important with most any 1155 socket CPU
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