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this is my first mobile gaming attempt. (m15x) specs:

i7 740qm (coming from ebay as we speak)
5730m (may upgrade to 6770m for the ddr5 advantage)
6gb ddr3 1333

i play many games, and i keep hearing of people having issues on laptops because laptop hardware is only 1/4 strong of their PC "equal", which has me curious. here is why.

i play planetside 2... alot. and on this (atm) i3 i am choking. so i ordered up an okay i7 4x2 h/t. (due to money restraints its what i could afford atm, i cant spent $350+ on a 940xm)

i am afraid i may still bottleneck hardcore, but i used to own:

phenom ii 720 @3.2
ddr3 1333 6gb
gtx 550ti

if i eliminate the obvious videocard choke, on any site i go to, it says the i7 beats it by a fair amount in the many things that matter. however, am i to believe that i should only trust 1/4th of its score due to throttling or? i know its a PC vs laptop but i imagined they are scored the same way?

because i used to get 40-60+ fps on the phenom ii, with only dips of 30fps in huge fights. also didn't feel much of a difference going to an x4 975 @4.1 and gtx 670 OC....

can someone explain this to me? i may be wrong about explaining it (probably am) but i am just going by what everyone else is telling me. that any hardware/cpu/gpu for mobile is 1/4 as powerful as its desktop version?

or, am i going to run into an issue with cpu choking or should i dismiss what i've been told and i'll be fine?
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  1. Post your complete and detailed build.
  2. i7Baby said:
    Post your complete and detailed build.

    all i really know is its an alienware m15x r2. at the moment it has:

    i3 330m
    5730 ati
    6gb ddr3 1333
    7200rpm scorpio black

    my old desktop that gamed fine:

    phenom ii 720 @3.2 1.48v
    6gb ddr3 1333
    m4a79t-deluxe asus motherboard
    650w professional PSU 80+
    5400rpm 1TB WD
  3. The laptop is old. It'll cost you more to upgrade the laptop than the laptop is worth. That's if you can upgrade it. A lot of them have soldered in cpu's and gpu's.

    I'd just save my money and buy a better laptop.
  4. i7Baby said:
    The laptop is old. It'll cost you more to upgrade the laptop than the laptop is worth. That's if you can upgrade it. A lot of them have soldered in cpu's and gpu's.

    I'd just save my money and buy a better laptop.

    i have a desktop built exclusively for gaming... this is just a toy i picked up, of which basically cost me $20. i won't be spending $2000 more dollars, to replace a $20 toy. especially since my desktop plays every modern game flawlessly. all i wanted to know.... is if the benchmarks online were accurate in comparison to their equal desktop parts.everyone is always talking about throttling, or down-clocking in the notebook style gaming units.

    i'd rather spend $200-300 on it, than spend $2000 on a new computer. though i doubt i'll put even that much into it. being a 6770m is under $50 and if i went for the 840qm thats about $150. all of which i have seen play games fine. especially what i play. the only thing questionable is planetside 2... which even the newest i7 struggles to maintain 55fps..

    i don't mean to sound rude.. but i was looking for an explanation as to the difference in benchmarking/performance/throttling issues in mobile vs PC hardware, and i gave an example of what i was talking about........ wasn't looking to be told to spend $2000 for a new laptop. you're answer isn't a constructive one..
  5. Where did $2000 come from?

    You can stick your thread where the sun don't shine.
  6. What i7 said is correct, that computer will struggle to run alot of games, my 7670m at 768p resolution struggles on some games, especialy planetside 2. I would not waste the money on upgrading it.
  7. lookitrains, i am completely aware that this m15x is a bit dated.

    i was using these two machines as an example, to explain better what i was asking.

    this has been a learning experience for me for sure... LOL, get straight to the point, minimal details as possible. so here goes.

    is there a difference between mobile and PC cpu benchmarks? as in:

    are they scored differently?
    are there different tests?
    does it take into account mobile/PC?
    will 2 similar scoring CPU's differ in performance only because one is notebook/PC?

    and, do mobile CPU benchmarks differ in performance due to what is being called on forums, "power docking" and "throttling"? those are new to me, as i have never dealt with anything that "docked". i was curious as to what to expect out of a mobile processor or benchmark.

    as for the $2000 thing, i'll admit i was a bit peeved. i felt like you completely ignored my question, and dismissed me by going "your computers just old....... get a new one dude or gtfo". but finding another notebook as customization and interchangeable as this one but 'modern' is going to be way up there in price. is $2000 exaggerated, probably. but this one dropped into my lap for next to nothing. i would never own a performer laptop otherwise.
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    There is ZERO diffrence between laptops and desktops in terms of how benchmarking etc is done, everything that applies to desktops applies to laptops, however, because laptops are much smaller, temp control and size of componets is a big issue, which is why all laptops are slower than desktops. For compairson a 760m has a tdp of 50 watts while a 760 has a tdp of 170 watts. Desktop parts will almost never fit into a laptop and vice versa for reasons stated earlier.
  9. Ahaa. Now we're getting somewhere! I knew the 2 were not interchangable due to design. So being power is docked down notebook hardware will always perform less than an equal desktop processor even if benchmarks match? which is where my realworld comparison was trying to explain. Being the i7 is 45w and the phenom ii is 125w.. the i7 even with matching benchmarks will perform slower? Because it sacrifices power for less heat?
  10. amd and intel cant be compared in this instance, intel cpus are much much more efficent, plus the amd design is old, you have to check the year of cpu and brand etc.
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