Can i run next gen games with my rig?

Hy guys! I've just registered to this page, and i want to know, that will my rig handle the next gen games on medium to high settings at 1366x768 resolution. I wanna try the upcomming games, like Witcher 3, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, and the Division. Right now i have problems with FPS in the games like Watch Dogs, where i only got about 34 avg FPS on medium settings. What should i do for better performance, without changing any component? (I m from Romania, and the budget isn't the best here :)) :P)

Here's my system specs:
Motherboard: MSI FM2A55M-E33
CPU: Athlon II x4 750K at stock Speed (3.4 GHZ)
GPU: Asus R7 260X 1GB factory overclocked (1075 Core, 6400 Mem)
Memory: 6 GB Kingston (1x4 GB, 1x2GB, 1333MHZ)
PSU: Intertech Energon 650W (82% efficiency)
Harddrive: Seasonic 1 TB

Also, i want to know whitch is the best cpu cooler for this processor, i want to overclock a little bit, to 4.1 GHZ. I only have about 30$ for it.
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    It should run mid-high end games on med-high settings; games like Watch Dogs, Battlefield, Call of Duty will struggle.
    As far as a cooler goes.. Cooler Master 212 EVO is like 24$ and really good for air cooling.
  2. Thx for your answer :D I have another question, how much fps will i get on the next gen games on medium settings at that resolution? Will i get more than 30 fps?
  3. Too put it into perspective, you will see probably 45~ fps at that resolution, for example the new CoD:AW you could probably run low-med settings with about 50-60 fps.
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