GTX 780 Trying to install games does not support shader model 3

new first time build downloaded installed BF4 fine no problems trying to play smite and it says your graphics card does not support this i have tried searching toms only to find threads with relay old GPU 780 supports shader model 5 im really confused and help is greatly appreciated
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  1. Hi, only thing i can think of is you haven't installed the video card drivers and have left the generic driver Windows installed.

    Get the latest drivers from
  2. As above, you must be missing the drivers, or you have accidentally plugged your monitor into your motherboard and using the integrated graphics, rather than plugged into the GTX 780.
  3. i have the latest drivers 340.52 im going to try to reinstall it
  4. did not work did the latest driver i have the monitor plugged into the hdmi at the back of the card i am new to this is it defaulting to the integrated graphics i have i7 4790k im stumped XD
  5. Wouldn't be defaulting as you're using the hdmi out from the video card as you said.

    Have you tried the clean install option under custom?

    I know you said you're using the card's hdmi and am sorry but just double check you're using the correct hdmi as mentioned :), it will be horizontal orientation. Motherboards can have hdmi pretty close to the graphics card and can easily be mistaken.
  6. Did a clean install under custom did not try that until now 100% sure plugged into gpu hdmi cable horizontal and on the back of the case. the gpu I/O sit a slot below the Mother board I/O of those removeable plates you pull out the back.
  7. It cannot be using the integrated graphics if you are plugged into the graphics card.

    Does the driver installation complete successfully?
  8. yes completed successfully the custom clean install took longer than when i just did the recommended. i also tried to plug the hdmi cable into the motherboard to see for some reason if it would install but i get no signal to my display is this because it is using my gpu btw thanks rob for the replys so far :)
  9. Is it only Smite you are having trouble with?

    Tried rebooting after driver installation? I would try reinstalling smite after that. Your GPU is more than capable, so must just be a software bug somewhere.
  10. yes i have rebooted multiple times i cant even get the install going. after downloading the install from i get the download shield and that's where the error message keeps showing :s
  11. Try manually doing all the prerequisites if you can.

    You could try installing DirectX 9 manaually first, as I think they removed DX11 on smite for the moment
  12. direct x setup has confirmed that an equivalent or great setup has been detected WTH ^^
  13. Best answer
    You might have to log a support ticket with Smite then, im not sure sorry.
  14. thank you rob for your help i will post here if i get it resolved
  15. Yes please do, might help someone else in the future. Good luck!
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