How much RAM would I need for game development and programming?

I was only going to buy 8GBs of RAM but then I thought Game Engines like Unreal 4 and Cryengine might be bottlenecked by 8GBs. Would these engines take advantage of 16gbs and is it necessary to have 16gbs?
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    Most people recommend 8GBs of RAM or more for gaming(most if not all games run perfectly fine with 8GB, more is optional for most people) and for high editing they recommend more than 8GBs (12GB or 16GB). RAM is about 10$/GB and if you plan on doing heavy stuff you better buy enough
  2. I remember i added memory to my system i went from 8 gb to 12 gb and it was a noticeable change so I added 4 more and that wasn't as noticeable. So just going from 8 to 12 i noticed a diference jsut doing normal tasks.
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