Need an LGA 1155 motherboard that supports port multiplier or has 6x SATA III ports

I have just spent quite a sum of money choosing a case with good air cooling, together with large fans/large passive cooler, that heatwise can comfortably house HDD x9 (up to 11 using laptop HDD os SSD), plus a slimline DVD player. In addition it has a sata dock and an esata port. In total, this means up to 14 sata drives, with 12 permanently in place, and wanted for streaming or for access, but not necessarily at the same time.
6 of these drives are SATA III
5 are SATA II
The optical drive is what it is, and the dock and the port are only for occasional use.
I have bought a couple of port multipliers, only to discover that my current mobo doesn't support this function.
To optimise data transfer speeds, I therefore need either:
1. a mobo that DOES support PM's and can take an Intel Pentium G850 CPU (LGA 1155), or
2. a mobo with 6 x SATA III on-board sockets, with a minimum of 3 PCI-E slots, which can take an Intel Pentium G850 (LGA 1155)

Does anyone know if such a beast exists?

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  1. Yes, it does
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