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I have windows 7 64 bit. When I go to run my a scandisk on my other hard drives besides my c drive ssd. It runs it in windows and I choose the first option to check for file system errors. I'm not sure if it's checking the same things when it's being run in windows as apposed to running on the restart. Can you tell me how to get scan disk to run on those drives on the system restart?


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    For a non-system hard drive there is no need to run the error checker outside of Windows. The check would be exactly the same whichever way it was done.

    The only reason that the error checker runs outside of Windows for a check of the system drive is because it cannot run while Windows is running from the disk that's being checked. Many system files are "locked" (in use) when Windows is running, so it wouldn't be possible to check them. That doesn't apply to drives which don't contain the OS.
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