Trident X 16GB 1866MHz RAM Timings

I bought the Trident Xs a while ago. They are currently running great. I misread the timing chart before so I had them set to 8-9-9 for a while. I just set them to 8-10-10 like the XMP profile in CPU-Z says. The problem I am having is that I can not find the tRAS or tRC in my BIOS. I know it is there somewhere but I do not know the full name for it. I have the ASUS Crosshair V Formula-Z if that matters. I have a water cooled FX 8350 CPU so since there is not a lot of extra heat near my RAM, can I even make the timings a bit lower? What would you suggest to put them at and what is the name for tRAS and tRC? Here is a picture of the CPU-Z profile page. I am currently using the last profile minus the tRAS and tRC since I can not find them in the BIOS.

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  1. tRAS might be called RAS active time.

    tRC mgiht be called Row Cycle Time.

    You can view these in AMD Overdrive but I would set them in BIOS.
  2. Thanks! I found them in the DRAM Timing section. All the othet things are set to auto but should I change them to something else? Also, G.Skill said the RAM was tested at 1866MHz 8-9-9-24. Why is the best profile for the RAM a bit slower than that? It also said 2N at the end which may make it slower than 8-10-10-25 1T. I really don't know. Should I make any values lower or change the other values in the timing section?
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    Don't think CPU-Z is reading them correctly, should be (for 1866) 8-9-9-24 2T 1.6 and tRC about 31, if you can move them to 1T it's even better
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