Warranty validity with new Operating system.

Hi friends,

I purchased a new Thinkpad L540 from It came with windows 7 pro and I can upgrade it to windows 8 pro if I want. But I want to install Ubuntu on it and I don't want to use windows. I don't want to remove windows, I can create a partition and leave windows as it is.

Is it going to void my warranty?

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    No. If you read your warranty, it's all hardware related unless Lenovo has changed it in the last six months. As far as software or operating systems go, you can do whatever you want. At your own risk, of course...:)
  2. Thanks volcanoscout for replying. Sorry for this question, but what do you mean by at your own risk?
  3. Just that - nothing that you do with software, whether it came with the machine or not, is covered by warranty. You can get support, but if you screw something up by, for example, downloading malware by accident, nobody is going to give you a refund. Basically, they'll tell you to reset it to factory settings and/or reinstall Windows, but that's as far as they're going to go. There are millions of people running Ubuntu, Linux, etc, so it's not exactly an unknown quantity. If you run into problems with it, you'll just have to come back here :)
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