Need help in choosing mid range gaming laptop

Hey guys which laptop would be better? I will be using the laptop primarily for gaming and browsing. I don't have to run the games in ultra high settings. Feel free to suggest other laptops but below 60k pls
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  1. Linking the laptops you have in mind might help me a bit more
  2. Sorry about that. First time posting. Anyway I updated the post. Sorry for the inconvenience
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  4. Thanks a lot :-D
  5. np
  6. The GPU in the second one is about 30% stronger than the GPU in the first one. But the CPU in the first one crushes the CPU in the second one. So I suppose for gaming, the second one is best, due to the superior graphics card. :)
  7. That was precisely my doubt. While the graphic card in the second one is more powerful its processor is slower. So I was wondering which would be better.
  8. Also the 1st one has backlit keyboard and jbl speakers which are not present in the second one, however the battery is not removable in the first one. Will that be a problem in the future?
  9. It is my understanding that most modern games rely more on the gpu (I'm not a gamer). As to whether the built-in battery will be a problem in the future, I've replaced built-in batteries myself in a few electronic gadgets I've owned without much difficulty (but never a laptop). I suppose it depends on either how handy you are yourself, or if you're willing to pay someone else to do it. I personally wouldn't sweat it, but I like tearing things apart and reassembling them.
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