2 cpu's comparison amd phenom x4 965 vs i5 4570

Is there a trusted site that you can make a comparison and see the difference between any 2 cpu's while gaming and see there performance with different gpu's........"but i need a real world results And the real effect on each game not a mathematical results :) ... As example this site (pc specs) you can compare the cpu's gaming performance... but is it trusted.
My spec
Amd phenom x4 965 cpu
Msi r7870 oc version
Cx600m corasair psu
8gb Kingston ram
1 tb hdd
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    Too many variables there.

    You can see how different GPUs compare when not CPU limited. You can see how CPUs compare when paired with a strong GPU, but to see how two different CPUs compare across a variety of games when tested with a variety of GPUs is a three dimensional matrix, its not going to make sense to you....

    Though the short answer, the i5 4570 is notably better.
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