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So I recently installed a 4TB Western Digital Black drive in my new PC and was quickly annoyed with noise. The speed was solid, but the constant vibration and additional sound I got while the disk was being accessed was ridiculous. I went with WD because their reliability and warranty, and was impressed with the 2 1TB Blue drives I currently have installed.

I want a large capacity drive for backups and music. What drives would you folks recommend?

Thanks in advance!
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    I asked this question also in the youtube comments and people said that WD Blacks are good if you want performance you can get them in 4TB models but they are more expensive then WD Greens which are made for just storing stuff like you can leave all your movies and pictures/ files you dont open as often on them because they arent as fast as WD Blacks. These are 2 great options i would get an SSD for my OS a WD Black for games and a Green for random stuff i dont use.
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