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I came to a small problem when building a new computer. There is a 20 pin usb 3.0 connector plug coming from the front of the case (corsair 200r) that is supposed to plug up to the motherboard so i can use the usb 3.0 headers on the front of the case. I though the mobo offers usb 3.0 i couldnt find a place on it to connect this 20 pin plug. The mobo is a ASRock h81 pro btc. Just curious if there are any easy ways or adapters i could buy to get these front panel usb's connected.
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  1. Your board doesn't have a 3.0 header according to the Asrock site.

    - 1 x IR Header
    - 1 x COM Port Header
    - 1 x Power LED Header
    - 1 x TPM Header
    - 2 x CPU Fan Connectors (1 x 4-pin, 1 x 3-pin)
    - 2 x Chassis Fan Connectors (1 x 4-pin, 1 x 3-pin)
    - 1 x Power Fan Connector (3-pin)
    - 1 x 24 pin ATX Power Connector
    - 1 x 8 pin 12V Power Connector
    - 2 x SLI/XFire Power Connectors
    - 1 x Front Panel Audio Connector
    - 1 x SPDIF Out connector
    - 2 x USB 2.0 Headers (Support 4 USB 2.0 ports)
  2. Gotcha, that was honestly the last thing on my mind when buying all the parts. Do you have any solutions though? I saw a few browsing through some other forums. One was to buy a usb 3.0 PCI-e card, another was an adapter from usb 3.0 to 2.0, and then an adapter with 2 usb 3.0 plugs that go into the external mobo ports. as far as the card goes, would linking the 20 pin plug to it while plugged into the pci-e slot allow the front panel usb 3.0's to operate like normal? Sorry if my wording isn't the best

    Silverstone PCI Express Card with USB 3.0 Internal Connector

    This will give you 3.0 if you have USB 3.0 ports.
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    The cheapest way(aside of cutting up the wire and making your own plug) would be an adapter that will allow the plug to work in USB 2.0 move.

    Something like this. You can get them at many stores from various makers. Some cases even come with them.
  5. You're right, a great cheap fix. The only downside is that means usb 2.0 speeds right? Both are definitely solutions I'll look into based on whether 3.0 speeds are really needed. Appreciate both the solutions!!
  6. SR-71 Blackbird said:

    Silverstone PCI Express Card with USB 3.0 Internal Connector

    This will give you 3.0 if you have USB 3.0 ports.

    Would pick you as a solution too if it would let me
  7. Yes, You will be stuck with USB 2.0 speeds on those front ports. The rear USB 3.0 ports will still work as 3.0 ports.

    They do make another adapter to pull those into the case, but I do not think it is ideal. If you need the extra speed, I would get a card for it.

    Please note some add in cards will not work in the bios(so a flash drive connected may not boot from them). This depends on other factors(so some systems may work fine for that while others will not).
  8. I'm not worried about it , just want you to be satisfied with the help you received.

    Both are great solutions! :D
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