Can't Connect Second Monitor. Cable/Connection Issue??

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I'm having a very difficult time connecting a second monitor to my desktop.

My GPU (AMD Radeon R9 200) has ports for HDMI, displayport, and DDVI-D and DVI-I.

My monitors, 2x Dell P2414H, has ports for VGA, displayport and DVI-D.

My displayport to displayport cord works fine for both monitors. I also have a brand new displayport to dvi-d, which I does not work (DVI-D in GPU and displayport in monitor). Is this an incorrect usage?

Plugging the displayport into the GPU and the DVI-d in a monitor works for 1 monitor, but I have no displayports left obviously.

Is there some lack of functionality for displayport + DVI-D to displayport? If so, could I use displayport > Displayport for one monitor and a DVI-D to DVI-D for the second? Or, do I need 1 DVI-D and 1 DVI-I (both to DVI-D in monitor).

Hope this isn't too confusing. Thanks!
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    First of all, DP to DVI adapters are almost always for DP to GPU and DVI to monitor. There would be no point in converting a DVI output from the GPU to DP on the monitor. You can do a DVI to DVI on one monitor and a Display Port to Display port for the other. You lose nothing by doing so. Also, a DVI-D cable works in a DVI-I port.
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