Just cause 2 poor port?

Hello guise,

I bought Just cause 2 and the game is just awesome. But the problem is the game itself suddenly caps from 60 fps to 30 fps (yes Vsync is enabled) but I've noticed that this problem is due to the game itself because when I look at dense forest the fps automatically drop to 30 fps and it just stays there. Say that gfx card is a bit stressed around forest area but it should vary right? like 20~30 or something like that?

But nope, it was just fixed at 30 and I even tried disabling some options but no avail. One time I even increased the AA from Off to 8x, even though it is still at 30 fps so I'am thinking its not about the gfx card being stressed but its the game itself might be a poor console port. If Vsync is disabled the tearing is so horrible in this game.

So is there any fix for this bug?
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  1. What are your specs? Just cause is quite demanding when set to max detail.

    If you don't have enough power to hit 60 fps Vsync will cause the game to run at 30.
  2. when i load it up it locks my fps to 24 fps but i normally play around with the antialiasing and that normally fixes it
  3. Specs are :

    Intel i5 760 2.80GHz
    Intel DH55TC
    Galaxy Geforce GTX 460 768 MB
    8 GB RAM
    WD 2 TB Green
    Corsair 550W PSU
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    That sounds like correct performance for that hardware. When you increase AA and the framerate doesn't change significantly, that's usually an indicator that you're CPU bottlenecked.
    I went through the same thing when I had a Phenom II 955, in other games. Framerates were unstable, my video card wasn't performing like it should have, no graphical settings seemed to change it much. I blamed it on poor optimization, bad ports, and whatnot. I even replaced my video card once when I shouldn't have. Turns out my CPU was just way weaker than you'd think a quad-core at a decent clock rate could have possibly been, and was choking my performance back seemingly at random.

    Switched to an i3-4360 and had a dramatic framerate improvement in every game that had been performing oddly before.

    The GTX 460 was a great card for the time. I'd probably still be using mine if I'd had the sense to get the 1GB version, or at least if I'd known how to conserve VRAM at the time, but unfortunately I didn't.
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