which mark is better for motherboards

which mark is better for motherboards?
Msi Asus Gigabyte Asrock or .......
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  1. I am sure you meant maker or brand of Motherboard.

    All of the ones you listed are well respected brands - with ASUS and Gigabyte generally being considered the two top brands. Not to disrepect MSI or ASROCK - as they do have some good high end boards.

    From the list - and my experience - I would suggest ASUS. They have a very good reputation, and their higher end and middle class boards are very solid. Even their lower end boards are quite good for what they are.
  2. They all have generally good products and slightly different feature sets. Just find something that has the features you need in the price you want. As long as you avoid seriously budget brands and products and read a review of the item you pick to be sure it does what it claims you should be fine.
  3. just Gigabyte
  4. ASUS is always my go to choice for boards, excellent customer service and excellent well made products. Gigabyte would be my next choice if ASUS wasn't an option. I tend to stay away from Asrock (had bad experiences with there products) So therefore i don't recommend asrock. As for MSI iv'e never actually used an msi board nor have had any experiences with there products, can't tell how good or bad they are. But if I had to recommend one brand it would without a doubt be ASUS
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    I prefer ASUS or MSI. Asus has easy to use bios, and for the price you can't get a better motherboard than asus. Asus's motherboards also supports the newest chipsets and slots for the rest of the gear. Plus, dont buy cheap motherbords under 50€. For 100€ you can get great motherboard for gaming, or for 200€ you can get Sabertooth motherboard which is made for extreme gaming.
  6. If oc, i choose MSI for just breaking the world record.But all it depends on ur budget nd needs
  7. BarrettSimpson3891 said:
    If oc, i choose MSI for just breaking the world record.But all it depends on ur budget nd needs

    Breaking world records with nitrogen cooling and really maximum oc, and depends on needs.
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