I think my SSD is dead here is the story...

Hello folks,

Yesterday, while my SSD was under 10% free storage, I've bee deleting and downloading some files at the same time. Then something weird happen, my computer get stuck, some of the functions were working, some were not.

I've restarted it, and a blue screen appeared telling me that I need to repair my computer... I didn't have a windows so... went to bed a little frustrated (you know how it is when you don't have a computer) and today, I've went to the shop took a USB flash, put a windows 8 on it... tried to repair, but no luck, I've decided to do a fresh install.

And something weird started happening. My bios was detecting the SSD 50/50 of the time. And when detected even if I try to boot the FLASH storage with windows, My computer was stuck at loading windows. o.O Disabled the SSD and the HDD as a bootable devices... same result o.O Unplugged the SSD and plugged it back.. same thing. Then waited for my BIOS not detect it and tried to install on the HDD, even after format it wrote that I can't because there's not enough space. Deleted the SSD temp storage (100mb?) And it worked, I was able to install it, and now I have my windows working on the HDD

However, when BIOS detect my SSD windows never load, I think even when the HDD have priority of booting.

Please guys help me! =)

Updates: I've tried to go in bios again, but can't even make it appear

Note: My bios loads very slow...

Note 2: When I unplug and plug back the power cable from the SSD while my PC is running the device manager reads it, but when I try to open my computer, it can't... : ( sometimes not responding... pretty sure it's dead

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  1. It's still in warranty, so... I'll take it to the service...
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    Try using diskpart commands on command prompt. These can fix storage devices 80% of the time. Go to YouTube and type how to format a storage device using diskpart. This helps if you want only the device and not the data in it. Your ssd will get formatted and will be just like day 1of your ssd.

    Go ahead....

    Try it!!!!!!
  3. Hey, thanks for the reply.

    I've tried it, but... after I enter DiskPart at the CMD nothing happens, while the SSD is plugged in. Because it can't read the SSD properly.
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