Fault CMOS Battery - Time keeps resetting

Recently I changed my CMOS battery after the previous one died, resetting my time every time I started up. It was fine for a few weeks, but now this one has died again. What could be causing my CMOS battery to give up every time? It must be a fault with the Motherboard itself, but I'm not sure what.
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    This abnormal.

    Get a battery tester, it should be above 3 v.

    I some cases, especially with branded computers, some battery socket are defective.

    What I did in that case is to download, i net time setup, it works great
  2. Downloaded NetTime and it works a treat. Guess this will have to be the solution for now, though I'm not happy about the fact that my Motherboard keeps somehow killing these batterries
  3. I had a defective Asrock board that did this.
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