Need help building a gaming computer!

Am trying to build a gaming computer but am very rusty when it comes to component knowledge.
so far am leaning toward i7-4790K CPU and msi Z97 GAMING 5 MoBo.
now I need a compatible Video card that is no less than 4 gb and a RAM of 32 gb.
appreciate the help in advance.
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  1. I5 4690k will just do as good for gaming as a i7, only go i7 if you render or 3d stuff, get a asus sabertooth mk2 instead, better quality imo, and wait for the 800 series to be released in September as they will have better price to performance ratio than the 700 series and also will have 4gb of vram
  2. Actually I do 3d modeling and rendering. As for 800 series I googled it and its not coming not till next year. What should I look for in a VC for compatibility, same thing for RAM
  3. Ah, then i7 4790k it is :) it's rumoured to be due September, just wait till the end of September and see :) and gpu will be compatible and you can get a 780 ti maybe if you can afford it
  4. Am looking into the 780ti. Although how can I know a videocard is compatible with my system cuse I think this might be over my budget.
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    Your motherboard will support it, I am 110% sure but a 780 is okay aswell
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