motherboard boot led and no video

Got a problem with my motherboard I think , was working fine yesterday and tried to turn it on today, it does the normal boot beep and the solid red boot led glowing
I have tried everything from Reseating the cpu to unplugging and plugging in all the cables.

I5 3450
R9 290
Hiper type m 880 watt
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  1. Check everything. I have been called to peoples houses to fix this problem to find out that the monitor was turned off.
  2. The monitor is definitely on... I cleared the cmos, only had main drive installed... Tested with only one stick of ram at a time and checked all cable connections
  3. As far as testing, you are on the right track. Process of elimination. Can you check the voltages on your power supply with a multimeter? Have you tried any different components, like a different video card, ram etc. If you get no video at all it could be the power supply video card or the motherboard. Oh could also be the cpu. It's best if you can test the components in a different machine.
  4. Unfortunately I can't try other components as I don't have any... But will see if I can borrow something from a friend
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