Windows Experience Index only 6.0 due to NVidia GeForce GTX 745 (OEM) 4 Gb - how to increase?

I have a Dell XPS desktop with an i7 4770, 16GB RAM, EVO 250 MB SSD, and an NVidia GeForce GTX 745 (OEM) 4 Gb GPU.

If I run the Windows Experience Test, the GPU is bringing my score way down.

Processor: 7.8
Memory: 7.8
Graphics: 6.0
Gaming Graphics: 6.0
Primary HD: 7.9
Base Score: 6.0

Is there a GPU in the $150 range that will up the two 6.0 WEI score a good bit? I'm dissapointed in the 6.0 scores on the GPU in this machine.

Please help a noob out.

Trey in Houston
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  1. Or do I have to spend $225+ to get the WEI up past 7.0?
  2. I think something is wrong there. My Radeon 4670 is giving a 6.8 on the windows experience index. That card should be at least a 7.0. Check all of your settings, make sure you have the latest drivers. Check the bios to see if it might have a setting that will affect the performance.
  3. I'm not sure why the why the WEI is relevant ? Does it run all your apps and games ?

    Tho I do a lotta builds, can't say I have ever run it so have no bar for comparison. At $150 GFX budget may last go to board was the 650 Ti Boost. It basically made everything between $100 and $200 irrelevant.... now , nothing really stand s out .... might wanna see if ya can afford a 760 ($230) or a 280 ($200) . After the 8xx series drops in September; it should drive the price of older cards down.
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    The windows experience index is largely irrelevant,its not an accurate score of real-time performance but more of a shitty number scale to compare hardware(We have better scales here on Toms!). But it is "correct" in this case,your 745 is a weak card and the bottleneck of your system.

    I just ran the WEI for comparisons sake and my R7 260x got 7.7 and its a <$150 card.

    It's the best value you can get at this time,aswell.

    EDIT: and if you want a numbers comparison; the 260x is 2-3 times more powerful than your 745.
  5. OK Crispy, this is good info. I did as hans suggested and checked drivers and bios. That all checked out. I'm going to order the one you suggest.

    Appreciate the help gentlemen - this is exactly why I came here - I knew y'all would give me good info.

  6. Motored over to Micro Center today and picked up an MSI AMD R7 260X 2GB OC. Installed it per instructions and reran WEI. Bumped it from 6.0 to 7.7 - with both the graphics scores going from 6.0 to 7.7.

    Crispy, for $125, that seemed to do the trick. Now I'll begin testing the new GPU and see how well it works.

    Sure appreciate the assist.
  7. If you need any help,im here.

    watch your GPU Core Clock speed while gaming, AMD's PowerTune has had a history of throttling your core when you need it.
  8. I have the NVidia GeForce GTX 745 4 Gb installed in a Dell XPS 8700. My WEI score is 5.9. But not because of graphics card. Using an SSD instead of a Primary Hard Disk might improve loading times, but not frame rates for the game I play.
    Mem: 7.8
    Gaming Graphics: 7.4
    Primary Hard Disk: 5.9
    Ron nr Sacramento
  9. He has an SSD so that doesn't limit his WEI as the overall score is the lowest of those subsystems on the list. Odd that you get such widely different GFX scores (7.4 vs 6.0) on the same GPU.

    Processor: 7.8
    Memory: 7.8
    Graphics: 6.0
    Gaming Graphics: 6.0
    Primary HD: 7.9
    Base Score: 6.0
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