Which SSD size will fit my laptop?

So I know most SSD's are 2.5" and I recently bought a Dell Inspiron 14" 7000 Series laptop and in this video the guy that installs a Samsung 840 Pro SSD in it says that it bumps out a little and that the SSD is an additional 2mm thicker than the hard drive that was in the system.

In the video, in order for him to close that gap that the SSD made, he had to kind of push it down, which isn't natural and I want an SSD that will fit perfectly in it rather than force it in.

Does that mean I need to get an SSD smaller than 2.5"?

I didn't think they made anything smaller than 2.5".

If anyone can help me on this I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!
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  1. You need to find an ssd that is 7mm thick ... most ssd are 9mm thick and made to fit in a laptop that is not an ultrabook
  2. shogunofharlom said:
    You need to find an ssd that is 7mm thick ... most ssd are 9mm thick and made to fit in a laptop that is not an ultrabook

    Oh ok, so any SSD advertised as 7mm I will not have to force it down?

    Would this work?
  3. I am looking on Newegg and it seems like all SSd's are showing their height as 7mm. Are you sure it isn't like 5mm or something?
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    You have several possible options.

    1. Check if your computer has an mSATA connection for an mSATA ssd. Some of the high end versions of your model come with an mSATA connection. Budget models did not come with an mSATA connection.

    2. Check with Dell to find out if they have an OEM version of the Samsung drive that will fit your model. Samsung has numerous contracts with computer companies to supply OEM versions. Samsung has a contract with Dell. The Dell versions have different model numbers, product numbers, and SKU's.

    3. The Samsung 840 Pro ssd is 7mm thick. That is the standard thickness for a SATA 3 6Gb/s ssd. It should fit in laptops, notebooks, netbooks, and some ultrabooks. Samsung makes 840 Pro ssd's specifically for mobile computers. The model numbers of the retail versions are:

    250 GB: MZ-7TE250LW
    500 GB: MZ-7TE500LW

    Model numbers for OEM versions will be different. Model numbers may be different outside the USA. Just look for the netbook upgrade version.

    BTW - The 2.5 inches refers to the width of a standard SATA 3 6Gb/s ssd. The mSATA ssd's and the new M.2 NGFF ssd's are much narrower, shorter, and do not come in an enclosure. In fact they are tiny when compared to standard ssd's.
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