what would be the best cooling for my case

Hi, I am in the middle of my first build/gaming budget build.
This is what I have and what I'll be getting by the middle of September.
I have:
CPU-AMD A6 6400k blk.
RAM-8GB of 1600 with a CL of 11
PSU-Corssair 500M bronze
SSD-128GB sandisk.
HDD-500GB 5400 rpm
MOBO- MSI A55m-e33(came as a package deal with the A6 at Fry's for $80)

I will be getting EVO 12 CPU cooler, a MSI 750 TI twin frozer or EVGA FTW, and this is the case I want.

I was wonder what the best cooling solution would be for this case, how many fans, and which direction for each fan.

It will be fitting under a desk up against the solid panel so the window on the side is visable and can breathe. The top will have about 6in of room and I can pull it out a bit from the wall if needed for fans pointing out the back.
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  1. I'd have all of the exhaust fans in and if you wan't all of the other fans filled. The most important places for intake fans is 1 on the side and 1 on the bottom.
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    I 100% disagree with the guy above me. the only important places for intakes are the front. Often side fans make airflow WORSE. I would run a single front intake, and a single top and a single rear exhaust. That is all this computer will need to stay perfectly cool.
  3. the best cooling solution for the case is a proper balance between positive and negative air pressure so 1 front intake fan 1 side for some extra air for the GPU or bottom intake fan or both.....1 rear exhaust fan and 1 top exhaust fan will keep your case well ventilated and cool....the case u have mentioned i cant say much about that .....but if u have the budget go for the nzxt phantom 410 excellent case with 8 fan mounting options with 3 inbuilt fan and a fan controller....
  4. You have made an unfortunate choice for a case.
    It has minimal fresh air intake capability.
    Look for a case with two 120mm intake fans in front.
    You will need that fresh air intake to cool a hog graphics card.
  5. I looked it up and a side fan DOES mess with airflow. Which when I think of it it makes sense.
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