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Hello, I am currently looking to update my graphics card and have a 250 watt psu and am not looking to upgrade that, but just my graphics card. I need a graphics card that supports shader model 3 or over and can handle 250 watts. Thank you. I'm just looking to run Insurgency and Counter Strike: Global Offensive and etc.
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  1. I don't think any modern card has that low of a power minimum.
    Nor do I think any old cards that do fit in that can play those games at a playable speed.
  2. Nope, 250 is simply not enough power man...
  3. Not exactly modern graphics card, just something that has shader model 3 (which was made in 2004 if I'm correct) and supports 250 watts.
  4. I doubt any cards back then can play CSGO.
  5. its still very likely that a gtx750 would run on this system.
  6. dude just get gt 220 for only $30.. i have gt 220 and cored duo e8400, cs go runs smoth in medium without any issue .. and yes my psu is 230-250w
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