HELP! What PSU DO I NEED FOR A ZOTAC AMP GTX 780 ti? Will 750W 80+ efficiency cut it?

I am upgrading my system with a CX750M corsair PSU, ZOTAC AMP OC 3GB 780 ti, i7 4790k ghz. Links below:




The reason, is because I saw a review of the above GPU and they used a 1200W PSU and they said it consumed 400+ watts with metro last light @1080p at max (at load basically), now will the above PSU do just fine even at load or do I have a problem? Remember that I don't intend on overclocking at all!

Thanks for answers, and feel free to ask for more info, it's also good to know I know a lot regarding PCs so don't worry too much regarding technicalities, lol :P

Also, last note, my motherboard is a mini ATX ASUS H81 chipset, which I am going to put into a full ATX case, my budget is high but I genuinely don't want to spend money on a new mobo if I can help it, as I said I don't want to overclock, I won't change any BIOS etc, just keeping it the way it is. And I'm currently spending just over £800 for the above components plus insurance and a new case, so yeah lol ;) Also I'm from the UK.
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    750 watt is ok if u dont have more hdd and dvd drives :D
  2. Gbz Goldenboyz said:
    750 watt is ok if u dont have more hdd and dvd drives :D

    I didnt mean to pick it has a solution lol, and i have got one 2TB in there at the moment but i might add a 3TB in the future and possibly extra RAM both HDDs being 7200 rpm lol
  3. Bro ur card need onyl 450 watts psu thats not mean it will consume all that power :D if u still plan to upgrade more seasonic 750 watts is a good one if u still and the increase on size doest increase the power consumption i think i have heard that seasonic is the best in psu if u got more money go for seasonic they are efficent than others
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