Please Help me! My Android Tablet 8.0

My Android Tablet won't turn on. When it was about to die i tried putting it on but it just died and I tried putting it on the charger and it still won't respond but when I do put it on to charge there is a red light to show when it charges and the light won't even show now but I really want it to work but when i tried to put it on the charger it feels Hot! but when I took it off the charger it turned cool so now i'm confused but i need help so plz respond as soon as possable.:??::bounce:
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  1. Its done, I mean something went wrong inside, actually hardware failure. You need to go to repair shop, you won't be able to do anything alone.
  2. The only thing i can think on top of my head is to replace the battery. If that doesn't work, try replacing your charger. If that doesn't work go to the repair shop
  3. The motherboard of your tablet is dead, go to repair shop and check the charges for motherboard replacement. If they have motherboard, then you are lucky. If they say charges which are very high understand that motherboard is not available and hence they are turning you down by saying higher prices.

    The best solution is go for new tablet with good spects rather then investing in dead tablet.
  4. there might be some problem with the power management integrated circuit. Well pls check as there might be many other reasons too, coz i am 2 a victim of the same problem, with my tablet. So pls check with a repair shop
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