HP Pavilion 17-e039nr vs HP Pavilion G6-2237us

I'm looking to buy one of these laptops. I just want something for my little brother (hes 8 so he doesn't do much on the computer) and my parents said they would get him a cheap computer. They found these at a good price at a local pawn shop. Which would be better for just watching some YouTube videos and maybe playing some Minecraft. Please respond quickly!! Thanks :)
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  1. The g6-2237 is better by comparing the specs.
  2. But the 17-e039nr has a much faster CPU. And it says that it has a combo jack. Does that mean that I have to buy special headphones to use headphones?
  3. Wait never mind it's faster but the cache is better.
  4. No, you do not need special headphones. And sorry, I did not compare them close enough I guess.
  5. So the HP Pavilion 17-e039nr has much faster CPU, a smaller cache and a little more graphics. Here are direct links to the specs:
    (I know it looks like the same link but the numbers are different)
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    Well then it's a matter of price over power or power over price. :)
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