New psu, new gpu, computer keeps rebooting

Was hoping my first attempt a computer hardware installation would go without a hitch...

Just bought an EVGA Geoforce gtx 460 and a Corsair cx600 PSU to go with it. Removed the old hardware and hooked up the new. Booted up the computer, installed the drivers using disk for the GPU, everything working great for the first 30 minutes or so.

Decided to really test out the new GPU with Battlefield 3 through Origin. Error came up, driver not up to date (silly me forgot to update to one of the latest) then computer black screened and simply rebooted. Went through the logo screen, loaded up Windows, after 10 minutes it black screened again.

Third time it loaded up windows again, but this time as soon as I moved the mouse I noticed a slight freeze then it black screened once more.

Ive since then went through a few troubleshoot options and tests to see whether it was the GPU or the PSU: checked the voltage across the wires and wotnot. Removed the new GPU and reinstalled the old one (ATI Radeon 4350) and no reboots afterwards, so I'm thinking it's the new GPU.

Maybe I didn't install correctly? Something with the drivers? Or maybe simply faulty card? Maybe I messed up big and some things aren't compatible?

Edit: the gpu doesn't seem hot/overheated if that helps any

Any help would be appreciated!

Original specs: HP Pavilion Elite e9220y
CPU: Amd Phenom II X4 910 processor
Mobo: H-RS880-uATX (Aloe)
GPU: ATI Radeon 4350
PSU: Liteon PS-5301-08HA 300W

(Attempted) new hardware
GPU: EVGA Geoforce gtx460
PSU: Corsair cx600
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  1. Its obviously the gpu issue and i think its because of the new driver. try this, install the old driver or the previous version and check the stability of the gpu. gtx 460 is an old gpu and the new driver may be the issue. Download the driver before the 340 version and try and also remove the amd driver for surety.
  2. So I deleted the current driver installed and essentially did a fresh install of the gtx460. It only has the driver version that came with the disk, under the card properties it states driver version from
    7/9/2010. Computer has been on for about an hour now with no reboots.

    There's currently an Internet outage in my area so I can't update the driver to a better version. However, if the 340 version was the problem, which version should I be getting then?

    Edit: so I spoke too soon, computer black screened and rebooted within minutes of posting.
  3. I'm beginning to think it's a faulty GPU, but any other help to prove otherwise would be greatly appreciated!
  4. Obviously a gtx460 isn'tisn't brand new since it is quite a few years old now
    Where did you buy it from?
  5. try installing the nvidia driver 337.88 and check if its working or not. If it continues to reboot then maybe ur gpu is faulty and u might wanna get it replaced if its brand new. Also check if the psu is working correctly, it also might be the psu's fault.
  6. Maybe its the psu's fault cause according to some guys the crosair cx series is shit and its components may die on use. Do the above part and give an update.
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