ASRock Z97 Extreme4 + i7-4790k overheating

I'm having issues with the processor being overheating on stock voltage and clocks.
I have already RMA one 4790k, and this is the second one that has the same issues.

I have updated my motherboard's BIOS to latest 1.30 version, tried re-applying the thermal compound several times ( Arctic MX-4 ), yet the processor still reaches 100 degrees C in AIda64, IntelBurnTest or Prime95

- I have set the CPU cooler to 100% in BIOS and it's still reaching about 95 C in Aida64 after few minutes.
- I have tried putting the i5-4670k in my motherboard and the temperatures are normal ( no overheating )
- I have tried putting my 4790k in my friend's motherboard ( Z87-G41 PC MATE with 1.80 BIOS ), and the computer doesn't boot - even though that their site says it supports 4790k
- I have also tried replacing the PSU and the problem persists

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  1. Your CPU is really warm. Your VCore is fine. I'm assuming you're running the stock cooler and it's normal to get to the 80s with that cooler on Prime 95 and AIDA64. I'm almost certain your case doesn't have enough airflow or you have extremely high ambient temps (unlikely). Also, buying an af cooler is always an advice but I can certainly tell that won't make much difference if the case is hot itself. Tell your case model and fan orientation.
  2. Just read that you've tried putting i5 4670k, so it can also be that this CPU is defective, which is extremely rare but can happen.
  3. I have NZXT H440. I can open the side and it's not gonna be much better. And reaching 80s wouldn't be a problem actually.
    There are 3x120mm fans in the front ( blowing to the back ) and 1x140mm ( blowing out )
  4. I suggest you to get one more exhaust at the top. 3 intake and 1 exhaust is not ideal. Also, buying an af cooler like Noctua D14 can lower your temps by 5-10C if your CPU is not defective, which I hope is not.
  5. I really don't see why would adding another fan reduce the temperatures to normal 7x-8x, which is 20 degrees difference from what I've got now.

    And buying Noctua DH-14, which is like 80 euros is also not a solution since the processor and it's cooler should run a lot cooler.
    I won't be paying 80 euros to reach the temperatures that I should be getting anyway on stock settings.
  6. Then I fear your only chance to find solace is RMA of CPU, again.
  7. This is not a solution but I wanted to post some similar information. I have purchased an intel i7 4790K and an AsRock z97 Fatal1ty as the OP has. My temps were crazy high (idling around 40 C and jumping to the mid 80s as soon as prime 95 started). I've taken the stock heat sink out a few times and replaced the thermal paste but nothing seemed to help. I've now ordered an after market heat sink (cooler master EVO 212). Hopefully that will help but I'm a little concerned that this is a bad mother board CPU combo. I'm really not sure what else it could be.

    I have my stuff in a mostly empty Antel Sonata 500 III case. There is one exaust fan in the back and several cool air intakes up front (no additional case fans). I don't think it is a lack of air moving in the case because the motherboard temps read mid 30's after the computer has been on all day. If the new heat sink doesn't help, I will also be RMA'ing the CPU to see if i just got a bad one. Crossing my fingers...
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