low fps in games

guys i think there is something wrong with my pc i have :-
sapphire amd r9 290x 4gb
gigabyte 990xa-ud3 1866Mhz
2x4gb G.skill 1866 ram
scythe ashura SCASR-1000

and the screen is samsung lcd tv
when i play any game i get low fps
and i dont know why, some people told me that its about the tv screen the told me you should get pc monitor so you can get better fps
even in battlefield 3 i get 40 fps in some areas but when i watch any gameplay of my amd r9 290x i can see that the fps is much much better its between 80-110 fps in gameplays
please help me i think there is something wrong here
and thank you soo much :/
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    update your bios it may help....
  2. ok i'l try
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