liquid cooling first timer need help

Hello everyone! After a couple of weeks reading and watching tutorials I think I'm confident enough to build my first loop.

pc components are:

Case - NZXT H440
grapchics - 2x EVGA GeForce GTX 780 Ti Classified Hydro Copper
DDR - Corsair Vengeance 16gb 2400 mhz
PSU - EVGA SuperNOVA 1000 P2
CPU - Intel Core i7 4790k
SSD - 2x Samsung 840 120gb
HDD - Western Digital 1tb calvair black
1x Corsair Air Series AF140
and 3x 24" monitors

as for the loop I will want to water cool the cpu and the 2 gpus
components are:

pump - Swiftech MCP655
reservoir - Bitspower Z-Multi 250 mm
radiators - 2x Swiftech MCR320-QP Res Rev 2 cooled by 3x Noctua NF-F12 PWM each
CPU block - Swiftech Apogee XT
tubings - XSPC HighFlex Hose UV 19/13 mm
fittings - Koolance Fitting 19/13 mm
liquid - innovatek Protect IP

I'm aware that distilled water might be a better solution but I think I will try with innovatek liquid because it have some very good properties.

I was thinking for a loop that looks like res>pump>rad>cpu>rad>gpus>res
my questions are:

Will 1 pump be enough for the loop ?
Is my loop optimal ?
Will I need second psu for the pump only ?
Do I need to put killcoil in the reservoir with liquid other than distilled water?
Are those reliable components?
Should I order the stuff or should I change something ?
any tips will help me.
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  1. I think you should have two loops - one for cpu and one for GPUs. Else there's too much hot liquid feeding the next water block.
  2. that depends on the configuration of the loop
    I have my hardware in a 3-way parallel configuration
    As a result I can have drastically different temps on each of the components, without the heat from one affecting any of the other components.
    As you can see, because the processor is clocked to 4Ghz, it runs hot, but the video cards run cool, and stay around the same temp, in fact the lower card runs consistently 1 to 2C cooler than the upper card.
    I had a duel loop setup before, but I think that this works as well as duel loop setup did, with the bonus of being more fun to put together, and it cleaned up the build by removing some of the wiring, and a lot of tubing, but both setup are good, as long as you have enough radiators for the job being done.
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    i7Baby said:
    I think you should have two loops - one for cpu and one for GPUs. Else there's too much hot liquid feeding the next water block.

    I completely agree with you as long as "andolee" is planning on a significant overclock of his 4790K, if he has no CPU overclocking intentions at all?, then a single loop will be OK, he may still be OK with medium range CPU overclocking intentions, but if he wants to go for high overclock levels with his CPU then I also 2nd your suggestion of 2 loops.

    At andolee, That coolant at 20 bucks for 1 liter is costly but it's your money, and you won't need the killcoil with it, but you will probably need more than just one bottle of the coolant, the reservoir itself will take 1/4th of the bottle, and you don't want to end up short of coolant when the fill time comes!

    One Swiftech MCP655 should be OK?, with a single loop as that is a lot of combined flow restriction?, but make sure you get the variable speed model!

    If I were you I would get the XSPC Raystorm CPU water block over the Swiftech Apogee XT, reason #1 is it more closely matches the 4790Ks heat spreader, reason #2 it has lower flow restriction that the Swiftech Apogee XT, and last reason, it is a great cooling performer!

    Check the last chart covering the various tested water blocks and their actual flow restriction in the link below.

    Your power supply is a single 12v rail of 83.3a, it will be just fine powering everything, so no you won't need a 2nd power supply for the pump.

    After all the information you've received what questions do you have now?
  4. Aiming at 4,6 oc on the cpu and mid on gpus, thanks for the cpu block i like it better, safety first so shoul I be ok with mid range oc on gpus and cpu ?
    thanks for all the help guys.
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