Will this run Skyrim (ultra settings with lots of mods) - will this system do the job? Can you see anywhere can cut cost with minimal performance hit? Thanks in advance.
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  1. It should run it well.

    Lot's of mods isnt usually an issue till you start using ENBs, but those will break your system just about no matter what.
  2. He's picked a 4GB GPU, which should more than handle any ENB/ any other mod.

    @the OP:
    I would suggest OC'ing that CPU to above 4, if possible. Also, is 1TB your total storage space? If so, I'd suggest throwing in another 1TB coz you're gonna start feeling the pinch very soon as you keep installing more games and mods. Of course, you could always do this later on as well.

    I would also strongly recommend you get a dedicated HDD exclusive to your OS...even a 120 GB would suffice. I had my OS on a 500GB partitioned drive, with 120 GB dedicated to the OS and the rest to other stuff. The HDD crashed recently and not only did I lose my savegames, but also a lot of other files. Have now got an SSD dedicated to the OS....and also installed Watch Dogs on it for the moment on it! Runs like a dream! :)
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    No need for a cooler imo, you can't poc so no point, but if you don't want stock, that's fine. The card has 4gb of vram so that's more than enough to handle all the mods on steam and you should hit ultra 60fps stable anywhere you go
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