alienware Aurora upgrade motherboard, cpu, memory, hard drive

I have an older aurora that I upgraded the video card to a nvidia GTX 780 3 gig.
I keep having to reinstall the video driver, due to lock ups.
Can i upgrade my system to a gigabyte mother board GA-Z97X-SOC Force, new 4.0 gig intel cpu Intel® Core™ i7-4790K, 2166 Mhz memory? and a solid state hard drive.
If I can upgrade do I need to redo the cooling system?
My power supply is 875 watt.
I am doing this to save some money.
Or do I just get a new system?
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  1. Yes, but where is the os installed? Cuase if you change motherboard sht happens with the os. I'd recommend you do what you said you will do, as they will be compatible and just look for info on whay to do once youve changed your motherboard, but you realise a i5 is just as good for gaming? If you get a i5 instead you can get a 780ti or 290x which will make fps higher
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    IF you swap the Mobo out you will need to BUY a new copy of Windows. The OS is tied to the hardware when purchased from a OEM (Dell, Gateway, etc.). Personally if your having to do ALL that just buy a new system, the good news is if you grab a generic i7 Desktop, swap out the PSU and plug in the 780 you would be set with minimal effort or impact. Try and search for i7 Desktop (can be had as low as $525) and do as I suggest. To keep your data, use a external drive and run Windows Easy Transfer to move from your old Aurora to the new PC.
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