Stuff keeps getting installed on SSD (windows drive)

Hey everyone, I apologies for probably a newbie question but well.. Here goes.

I built my PC rig last spring for gaming. I figured a 64gb SSD would run and operate my windows through the C drive, While a bulky 3TB would be enough to run my games and such. My problem is. I keep finding my space on my c drive getting fuller and fuller down to about 770mb the other day. I found Ubisoft has installed its Uplay there. I found some of my steam games making saved files there. Some weird thing called Sizlsearch.

Any ways, I'm curious as of how to make it so nothing but drivers and windows updates get on to my C drive, and how to move and get things to function. off my X drive. Like Ubisofts program and some of the stubborn Steam games saves like Lichdom: Battlemage.

Thanks m8s!
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    1. A 64GB is marginally too small. It 'works', but you're managing the free space all the time.
    2. You need to leave around 15% free on that SSD. So no more than about 55GB used space.
    3. For almost ALL recent applications, you can designate where they go. Don't just click and select
    4. Steam and Origin allws multiple locations for game installs. Investigate that.
    5. See these for other stuff:
    Win 7 & 8:
    Win 8.1:
  2. Awesome man! You've been a huge help!

    I've followed the guide you have posted, and switched all default document locations, pictures, music, all that jazz over to my X: Drive now, Copying all items into their new location. I am assuming now they will be loaded from there. I found the the majority of the bulk to be saved game locations in the "Documents" Folder. I haven't seen a location to change that in steam. All I can find is where steams library should be.

    Any ways. Thanks to you, I've managed to gain 4.1gb back on my C: drive leaving me at 54.2gb of used space out of 59.4gb.

    One more question for you if ya don't mind. Based on what you've said, it be a good idea to upgrade my C: over to a 128gb SSD. Would I be able to just transfer my entire drive over to a a newer drive? Or would I need to find all my discs? I've moved in this year and might end up moving again in December, so ripping through packed boxes isn't really ideal. Than again. I don't mind managing space for a while any way as my focus right is getting rid of this stock CPU fan so I can play Civilization V with my buddy.
  3. Moving from a smaller SSD to a larger SSD, you can almost certainly do a migration.
    Multiple applications will do this, often something included with the new SSD.

    For Steam, starting from the Menu:
    Steam Library Folders
    Add Library Folder

    You can tell it wherever you want
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