PC powers on w/ fans, stops before POST. Anything else I can do?

Hey all,

I have a PC w/ a msi P67A-G45 motherboard. A month or so back a memory stick failed, took it out, ordered a replacement. I went to put in the replacement today, and I guess I must have done it too forcefully, because I think I ruined the motherboard.

When I went to start it back up, I powered it on. Fans spin and everything goes as normal, then everything stops. No POST beeps or anything.

I've tried reconnecting everything, looking for a short in the case, etc. I brought the motherboard out and breadboarded it with just the motherboard, and CPU, and PSU to try and eliminate any shorts and hear the long 'no memory' POST beep. No dice.

Am I screwed, or is there anything else I can try?
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  1. did your try different slots for memory.
  2. yes, i've done that, and like I said tried booting it with no memory, and it won't POST at all
  3. Have you tried to start the PC with just 1 memory stick?
  4. chaseha said:
    said tried booting it with no memory, and it won't POST at all
    you cant start car with no engine in did you know it was bad memory.
  5. Yes, I have tried with 1 stick in every different dimm slot. There are no post beeps at all, it's not even getting to that point
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    ye the sound like your need replace motherboard,just in case you can try remove the BIOS battery and put it back after a minute or so.if that didnt work then motherboard vent bad and need an replacement.
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