New Build 1500$ for Modded Minecraft

As the title says. I mostly play modded minecraft (cpu and ram hog mostly). I also dont care about maxing out other games. I typically play MMOs which dont demand a whole lot.

For comparison, this is what im using now:

Minecraft is using 6-7gbs of ram when I play and my cpu is almost maxxing out regularly. I think my computers nearing the end of its life for games, so im trying to build something new that will last a few years. Any thoughts on this build?
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    That's a nice pc but I think you should get a bigger case. Defiantly a full tower. The corsair 750D is good and only a little more than the case you have in your pcpartpicker build. Especially since your getting an aftermarket 770 that will blow hot air back into the case.
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