Haswell - Onboard Graphics and Video Card to Use 3 Monitors

From searching the forums, it appears that support for the use of onboard video and a graphics card at the same time is inconsistent among boards. Is this still an issue with Haswell?

I am trying to set up a 3-monitor system and was considering a Gigabyte motherboard (, but in the manual it only talks about turning onboard video on/off and doesn't address using both graphics sources simultaneously.

If someone would recommend another cheap (under $80) mobo that would would do this with certainty, I am all ears. Also, is there an easy to know if a Haswell-based mobo will do this? Thanks!
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  1. Err from what I know you can't use your onboard iGPU with your discrete card simultaneously. I am aware you can use an AMD APU and a discrete AMD card at the same time though but I don't think intel can do the same. But what I'm 100% sure you can do, is that you can use a two graphics cards to support multiple monitors. They don't have to be the same model or have to be in SLI. I know many people that own a card like a GTX 680 and use a dirt cheap GT 610 for use with extra monitors.
  2. Yes - you can't use both integrated and discrete graphics at the same time. Like trying to sli 2 different cards.

    If you have a decent graphics card it wouldn't make any difference anyway.

    Even AMD can only use both at once for weak graphics cards eg r7 240
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    There is Bios option in some bios's that allows simultaneous use of the onboard GPU and discrete graphics card I can't remember what it is called exactly. (About to go somewhere don't have the time to look) a Quick google search allowed me to find this :

    I have actually done this myself when the HDMI on my GPU died and I needed a second monitor.
  4. Thank you all! It seems that there are a few ways to approach the situation, and I may end up trying each one :) Much appreciated!
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