what you think about this PSU ?

I have GTX 760 and I'm not planning to do SLI I'm thinking about
Or Plus bronze is enough ? I'm thinking also about EVGA 600B looks awesome y but not modular tho but cheaper what would you recommend ??
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  1. Here is the PSU tier list. I happen to own the SSR-550RM and I myself have found it to be a wonderful PSU.
  2. The Seasonic G series is a fantastic power supply , buy it.

    The EVGA 600B is more for budget builds.

    Tier 2 Brands - Top Quality components With Top Notch Stability - For Those With Price/Availability Issues With Tier 1

    Antec Neo HE
    Antec High Current Gamer Series
    Antec EarthWatts greater than 700 watt
    Antec TruePower Trio
    Antec TruePower Quattro
    Antec TruePower New -- 750w
    Akasa PowerGreen 80+
    CoolMax CTG-750 watt/850 watt/1000 watt
    Cooler Master Ultimate/UCP
    Cooltek CT
    Corsair GS600 / GS800
    Corsair HX
    Corsair RM 550
    Corsair TX
    Corsair VX
    Cougar SX700 and GX700
    Enermax Liberty
    Enermax Infiniti
    Enermax MaxRevo 1350
    Enermax MODU82+
    Enermax Platimax (600, 750, 850, 1.2K)
    Enermax PRO82+
    Enermax PRO87+ (500w + 700w)
    Enermax Triathlor (550, 650, 700)
    Enhance ENP-GH
    Fortron (FSP) GLN
    Hale82-m 650-750w
    iStarUSA PD2
    iStarUSA PD3
    LEPA G500
    OCZ EliteXStream
    OCZ Fatal1ty
    OCZ GameXStream less than 1000 watt (only if manufactured in December 2007 or later)
    OCZ StealthXStream 400 watt
    OCZ StealthXStream 2 greater than 700 watt
    OCZ Modstream (only if manufactured in December 2007 or later)
    OCZ EvoStream
    OCZ ProXStream
    OCZ Z(t)(s) Series Less than 1000W
    OCZ ZX 850w
    PC P&C Silencer less than 610 watt
    PC P&C Silencer MkII
    Rosewill Capstone (450, 750)
    Rosewill Fortress
    Rosewill Hive (550, 650)
    Seasonic G series :bounce:
    Seasonic S12
    Seasonic M12
    Seasonic Energy Plus
    Sentey Golden Steel Power 850w
    SevenTeam ST less than 600 watt
    Silverstone OP/DA 700 watt or less
    Thermaltake Toughpower greater than 600 watt
    Thortech Thunderbolt Plus 800w
    Topower Powerbird 900w
    Xclio StablePower
    XFX Core Edition
    Xigmatek MC
    Xigmatek HC
    Ultra X3
    Ultra X-Pro
    Zalman ZM less than 1000 watt
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    I felt like doing this. Highly recommended.
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