I have a newer HP laptop that turns on but screen stays black

Hey guys, I have fixed many computers using advice from posts on this forum. I find this place very informative, now I need help haha.
I have a HP pavilion 15-n034ca that when you push the power button, it turns on, the screen stays black. You can push the normal keys ex (del for setup, f9 for boot select, f11 recovery, and so on) and it will say in the bottom left corner del......setup, or whatever you push it will say. But that's as far as it goes. Any suggestions? When I first got this computer from my customer It turned on saying smart hard drive failure imminent, backup data and run system drive scan in system settings. I did that, it rebooted, to my problem black screen... Any advice?
This customer brought me 2 of these laptops, exact same models, they are her kids, the other one keeps looping the auto repair on boot but nothing works. 2 laptops, both acting up...
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  1. The one with "Smart hard drive...." failure more than likely needs a new hard drive.

    On both of them, you will probably need to reinstall Windows on them - I would download hard drive testing diagnostics (from the maker of the hard drive) and test the hard drives just to make sure there isn't a hardware issue.
  2. Yes it probably needs a new drive but why stay at the black screen? Even if the drive crashes usually you can still get to bios. I haven't encountered this one yet. And yes I'll re install windows, I'll order rescue discs if they don't want to downgrade to 7.
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    If you are having a hard drive failure, the BIOS might actually take a long time to display on the screen - as the BIOS is trying to read the hard drive and either getting no response or errors that it is trying to correct.
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