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I am interested in updating my home router. In the past, connection speed has not been very important to me, but I have now upgraded my plan and have been using a lot more data. At this point in time I have a 20 Mbit/s (to be increased soon also) connection on an motorola sb6141 modem. Unfortunately the only wired connection from the cable company is in our basement, so that is also where both the modem and router (a single band cisco valet plus) are. Unfortunately, I cant pull a cable through to somewhere closer to the other computers in the house.

So here is my question: what is a good dual band router for gaming (100-150 dollar budget) that has good enough range to keep fast connection between two floors (as i currently only get 10 mbits per second on my Cisco Valet plus when upstairs).

In addition to the above restrictions, I would also prefer a device that is not too difficult setup wise.

Would the Trendnet AC1750 Dual Band Wireless Router have a strong enough range to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!!
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  1. Drill a hole in your floor and run an ethernet cable from your modem in the basement to the Trendnet router upstairs.
  2. i7Baby said:
    Drill a hole in your floor and run an ethernet cable from your modem in the basement to the Trendnet router upstairs.

    unfortunately I cant drill a hole through or pull a cable through. Do you think the Trendnet might be able to do well while still remaining in the basement? If not do you have any suggestions for a router with a longer range?
  3. You can drill a hole.
  4. i7Baby said:
    You can drill a hole.

    ...its not an option
  5. Yes it is.
  6. Best answer
    You are not going to see a huge difference between routers as far as signal strength goes. They all pretty much transmit at the maximum power allowed by the government. It trends to be impossible to predict how much wall/floors/ceilings in a house are going to absorb so some devices work better in some houses than others but other than trying every device there is no way to predict if one will work better or not in your house.

    Be aware that if you use 802.11ac you are using 5g band which tends to have poorer penetration in most houses and if you are using 2.4g then you are using 802.11n like your current device. Mostly you would use the 5g band if you have interference issues on the 2.4g band.

    Your best bet is to try something like powerline networks to get a "cable" run to the other floor and then place a AP/router there. I am going to assume you do not have tv coax cables or you would just move the modem, if you do there are devices called MoCA that will work
  7. or drill a hole in the floor.
  8. i7baby why not be a little more mature or are you just trying to get your post count up like it is some big accomplishment.
  9. Why don't you say why you can't drill a hole in the floor?
  10. In a typical home, the basement is the absolute worst place to propagate a WiFi signal from. As bill001g mentions, other routers will be hit or miss as to 'better'.

    Possibly move the router to a different place in the basement?
  11. i7Baby said:
    Why don't you say why you can't drill a hole in the floor?

    I can think of many reasons why a hole in the floor may not be possible.
  12. I did manage to find a place where I can pull a cable through the floor without drilling, which in that case as you all have said will help a ton. In that case, does anyone have any suggestions for good, reliable router?

    I have been reading a lot of really bad reviews complaining about complicated firmware or problems and such making me very unconfident about the latest routers.

    Has gotten good ratings, and is well within your price range.
  14. I like the Netgear DGN3700. But any of the AC1750's will be good too.
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