Best CPU Cooler for FX 6300 That's Easy to Install

The title explains it. I basically have the worst cpu cooler for my processor. My processor can reach 60+ degrees under heavy load and its really starting to worry me. Plus on top of that I am very worried. Well basically I want to upgrade my CPU to a great air cooler but I don't want to remove my mother board. Not that I can't its just that I am afraid I will remove everything and then find my self not knowing which how to put everything back together. Long story short, is there any air cooler I can purchase that I can install without removing my motherboard fully to put on a back plate? Thanks guys
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  1. I can get you a reasonable and still excellent. Try CM Hyper 212 Evo. :)
  2. I am using the Hyper 212 EVO and it has terrible instructions and is harder than i thought to install. I do not know what is easy aside from Noctua Heatsinks/fans which I read about quite a bit in the last few months
  3. Any of the noctua coolers will be a dream to install and most all in own liquid coolers are very easy.

    Do you have a price range?
  4. I really have a price range from 30-50$ so basically any of these coolers including the 212 evo you can install without having to remove the mobo? It sucks because my case lets me access the back of my mobo but only partial of the back of the processor
  5. Also a quick update. My CPU runs at about 36-40 degrees celcius when I am not playing a game or nothing, can reach about 5-55 at the max when I am only doing a stress test for my CPU but when I play a game that really uses my gpu (gtx 760) the hot air from the gpu starts to make the inside of the pc warm so the heatsink I use is blowing hot air from my gpu onto my cpu. So with that said I can reach sometimes 60 at the most or 67 which was the highest I got. I never got 70 thankfully but I don't get it. i have 3 intake fans (2 on the top and one in the front) and 1 out take fan on the back of my pc so the airflow is great. Yet when I close out of a game I have good temps on everything.
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    Might want to switch those top two intake fans to exhaust and see if it helps. What's your current CPU cooler? The stock one?

    I have this Deepcool/Logisys Ice Wind cooler. I've use it with both an FX-6300 and a Phenom II X4 980BE and it keeps them both pretty cool. Performs a little better than a Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus and it has a built in AMD clip just like the stock cooler does. Basically, installing it is very easy and if you have room to work in your case you don't have to remove your motherboard. Has a nice rubberized fan frame too so no rattles. This review is for the Ice Wind Pro, which is the same except it doesn't have the rubberized fan (uses a regular fan with silicone tabs to stop vibrations).
  7. You really don't need a new cooler if your temps are only reaching mid 60's. If you decide to get one then get the Hyper 212 EVO It is by far the best for the money.
  8. Alright thanks T3PS, jeffredo, and everyone who answered. I agree the 212 evo is by far the best air cooler behind water cooling yet I would like an easy to install cpu heatsink that does the job because I am probably not looking to over clock!
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