AMD FX-8350 OR INTEL i7 4790K?

Okay first thing is first, I know how much better the 4790k is, but I just want to put it out there them I do not want to edit gameplay, or make youtube videos. I just want to PLAY GAMES. Is it SO necessary for a 4790k for my new rig if all I want to do is just GAME. I will be buying 2 R9 280xs and a very nice cpu cool for those 8 cores. I just want to play games (Every one you can think of from any intensity) But I understand I sacrifice some frames I can deal with that. What do you guys think, put some knowledge into my head about the amd for JUST GAMING. haha sorry about being so annoying I just want you guys to know thats all its for. PLEASE HELP. Thanks:) .
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  1. Here's one short sentence— Go with the AMD FX-8350 as it will save you money and will do what you want. :D
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    If you're not worried about price, get the i7.

    For just gaming, get an i5.
  3. If you want to save money I think its best to avoid the i7 CPU. Its got a lot of power, but its really only a good buy for people who have a lot of cash and won't upgrade for many years. Like I don't plan to upgrade from my i7-3770k until like 2020 at earliest.

    The FX-8350 will do everything you need, and honestly I would say get it over an i5. The reason being that AMD's Mantle which is being used in several big games coming up takes advantage of having more cores and puts performance in games higher than an i5. Direct X 12 when it comes out is expected to do the same, so from a pure gaming stand point the FX-8350 offers the best here at its price point. Mantle makes it have gaming performance close to an i7 and better than some i7 CPUs. It can never really replace an i7 but its pretty darn close and the extra $150-$200 would be better spent on a faster graphics card or saved.

    You might also consider the FX-8320 which is just slightly slower, and can easily be overclocked to the same speed as the FX-8350 usually.
  4. Hey encase you haven't decided yet and are still on the fence I thought these videos would help.

    Pretty much, they did testing against several high end Intel CPUs, and the FX 8350 had a lot of wins when it came to just gaming.
  5. Mantle anly works if you have an AMD graphics card and a poor AMD CPU. It will do nothing for you if you have a 8350 and a 7xx or 9xx series invidia grahics card.
  6. Honestly follow your heart. What I mean by that is this is a very crucial part for a pc gamer's life right now your either a intel fan boy or a amd fan boy. It's really up to you at this point I can tell you first hand experience that the amd 8350 is thee cpu for gaming regardless if it's getting old if your lucky you can perform that as if it's a amd 9590 which I can tell you, you will not have to upgrade at least two years if you can get it that high of course.(only if your expecting to play ultra settings for two years) I had mine at clock 4.8 ghz but beware that the higher you overclock the cpu the less you can on your graphic cards that's a promising statement so if your planning to hit those amd video cards hard think again and get maybe an intel.. The i7 4790k kicks ass!! It is a 25% - 30% increase (unless you don't overclock the 8350 to 4.7 - 5ghz) like WOW it's great bro if you can hit that amd 8350 to 4.7 ghz hit it bro!!! And keep it on the mean time:) right now it's only 120$!! On amazon dude:) I say get the amd 8350 than if you don't like it return it, and you have a 60 day returning policy with amazon LLC:) but really follow your heart man :) on tigerdirect they're selling the i7 4790k for 300$ no tax and free shipping personal I'll go for the amd 8350 if you don't like it just get the refund policy on amazon it's amazing take care man:)
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