New build computer wont boot with graphics card installed

Hello everyone

I am new to building computers and just tried to build my first one over the weekend. I installed everything except the graphics card and had a test run to see if my computer would boot. I hooked it up to a monitor and some words came up on the screen (cant remember what) but my friend said it was the DOS or BIOS or something, and that is good, means its working. The problem is, after I plug the graphics card into the motherboard, hook up all the power to the card and then try the computer, nothing comes up on the screen. The computer is running, all the fans and lights are on, but nothing comes up on screen.

I have tried using the HDMI out from the card and the motherboard, and it doesnt work as long as the graphics card is in there. The parts I am using are:

Intel i5 4590
Asrock z97 pro4
Gigabyte Radeon R9 280 OC 3GB
Samsung DVD-RW
Coolermaster Gold 650W semi modular PSU
WD7200rpm 1TB HDD
G.Skills ripjawsx 8gb kit (2x4gb)
Asus network card PCIe
Samsung 120GB SSD

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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  1. Does the GPU power on at all? Does the fan spin up? If not, there may be some issue causing the GPU to not get power.

    If so, do you have other connections besides HDMI you could use to connect your monitor? If so, I would check to see if you can use an alternate output (DVI, DisplayPort) to see if the GPU can output video at all.

    Another check would be to test a known good GPU (probably difficult since you state you're new to building) to make sure it's not a PCIe/motherboard issue.

    Also, if you have an internal speaker attached to the motherboard, do you get a beep code when it tries to boot with the GPU attached?
  2. They could have given you a defective card... but did you even plug in the extra power that it needs? It has 2 extra power sockets to work you know!
  3. Hi, thanks for the responses. Yeah, I think I have the power chords plugged in. They are running from the PSU to the side of the graphics card. one lot of 8 pins, and another lot of 6 pins. In terms of the '2 extra power sockets' I am not sure what that is.

    The fans on the GPU are running. Unfortunately I don't have system speaker because during shipping/handling the red wire of the speaker disconnected/broke off. I will have to wait til I solder it back on to use it, or get a replacement.

    I have tried the HDMI and the mini display port from the GPU and there is nothing that comes up on the screen. Powers up, but no boot.
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