I need a good CPU and mother board for INR 7000 (aprx. $110)

I want to upgrade my cpu cause my pentium 4 is lagging in games in lowest settings too. So suggest me some upgrades under INR7000($110). Any cheap powerful pentium , dual core , core 2 duo can make me satisfy coz i only want performance.
my current rig is :
Pentium 4 3.0 GHz
windows xp sp2
1 GB ddr2 ram
motherboard of socket 478 (dont know the name of the of mobo)
and GPU : XFX Radeon hd 5450 2gb
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    u can get an i3 for 7000/- but you have to spend another 2500 - 3000 on the motherboard or else there is no meaning for an upgrade...and the games will still lag because of your ram 4 gb ram is a minimum requirement for modern games and 6 gb is recommended i am afraid your whole system needs a total upgrade if u want to play modern games...
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