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OK so my PC has been painfully slow in the last few days, I have already done my malware scan and c cleaner so im going to wipe the hard drive and re install. Now i don't have a windows 7 disc but i know i have oem windows 7 home 64bit. I found another thread of somthing similar

yet at the end they delete the ei.cfg to $oem$, do i have to do this on normal oem windows (the one you buy from amazon)

also i have the product key etc ready
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  1. you just need to download an iso of the version of windows that your product key is for.then burn it to a dvd with imgburn and install windows.reinstalls are a last resort for me,but to each their own.
  2. My dvd drive doesn't work so i will have to use usb right
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    yep,same idea.heres a guide on how to create the bootable usb.
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