Silverstone strider essential 400watt PSU can cope up for i5 4460 + GTX760?

Question as per title. My current processor is g3220 + R7 250, which is totally fine for the PSU stated. Any advise? Thanks.
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    No, for GTX 760 at least a 500W with 2x6pin PCI-e power cables capable psu will be needed. a 400W PSU cannot run such GPU.

    EVGA/ SeaSonic/ Antec/ Super Flower/ XFX make the best PSUs. Get atleast a 520W HCG or XFX Pro 550W.
  2. Expected answer..haha...maybe i will just wait for the next maxwell nvidia gpu then... :)
  3. Sure :)
    PS: Don't forget to select a best answer ;)
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