Network adapter is missing after installing Windows 7 over window XP (32 bit)

Our PC broke so, got another assembled one from a friend which had an illegal copy of XP! I installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 Home premium 32 bits. Unfortunately network adapter is missing under 'Device Manager' . Under 'Other Devices' Ethernet Controller, Multimedia Audio Controller and Unknown Device have the yellow exclamation mark on them. I don't have the Internet connection. What can I do? I tried to find the drivers for ECS but couldn't.( I read that the drivers could be downloaded) i only have a netbook so am unable to burn a CD but could use a pen drive.

System info is as follows :
System Manufacturer : ECS
System Model : M935
System type : X86-based PC
Processor : Intel(R)Pentium(R) 4 CPU 2.00GGz, 1992 Mh, 1 Core (s), 1 Logical Processor
HD : 40GB
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  1. The ethernet controller drivers are on the motherboard DVD that comes with your motherboard. If you have a dell or hp, they may be on the repair CD that came with your PC.
  2. Thanks you for replying, I do have a CD which came with another old Desktop PC which we had (Gigabyte) Will that help?

    I still have the "Windows old" folder under c drive. I searched for the Ethernet Controller driver under this folder and "Scheda Fast Ethernet PCI SiS 900" came up but there was an error saying to visit the website of the manufacturer for the latest drive :( any help or advice?
  3. The CD wont help unless your current motherboard is a gigabyte board. You can download a program on another computer called CPUZ and use it to tell the brand of your motherboard. It can be saved on a USB storage device.
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