Western Digital IntelliPower on sale, is it better than this Seagate?

Hello guys. Until the 21st, newegg is having a sale on this HD:

It has almost the same specs as this one, which I was originally planning on buying:

Is the Western Digital better? The fact that it's normally $110 instead of $60 tells me that it's probably worth more, but I need to know before the sale ends, is it worth it?

Are there any other hard drives for below $60 that are better? Both these HDs look great to me because of their large caches and 6gb/s interfaces. (I understand the 6gb/s is just an interface and that may not reflect the HD's speed.)
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    Get the Seagate, that WD is for DVR and other digital recording devices thus the AV-GP. Intelliseek means the rpm varies based on load, but I heard it's still slow even when it's at max rpm. The Seagate goes up to 7200rpm and that is a lot faster than that WD and also have a lower price.
  2. Thanks! Another pretty big question I have: I would like to be able to record video games on this computer, at (up to) 1080p. The second post on this page has a table about the different bitrates for FRAPS:

    If I want to record at 30 fps at 1080P, which bitrate would that be? There are many different listings, like 'fraps MAX' and '2k', which I assume I don't want, so would the bitrate be 178?

    Next, I read somewhere that recording is 'sequential write' operation. Assuming I will be both loading data (for the video game) and writing data (the recording) to the disk, I think I need to look at the 'Average Mixed speed' for sequential writing, which according to the page below, is 123 MB/s?

    So my first question is, what is the bitrate of the recording I would like to do, and my second is, can that HD support it while also loading data from the HD?

    Thanks for your time, I'm really at a loss as to how to figure this out.
  3. Have never used the others, but did try FRAPS and IMO that is the easiest program to use to record video game.
    Bitrate depends on the game and the scene your recording, so that varies. What you want to do is start with a high FPS, this can be done by disabling or lowering certain game settings and disabling vsync. When that is done, record your game with FRAPS and you should be able to record it at 30FPS. Most that record with FRAPS is they record it on a separate HDD and not on the one with the game on it. Also there are 2 version, Free and Pay version. The Free only records 30 seconds of game footage and was a watermark on top of the video. The pay version has no record limit and can save screenshots in other formats.
  4. Ok, thanks. I really only want to record as a hobby, maybe to show a friend something or small videos, so I'll start with free programs. If I ever get really into it I will invest in a separate HDD.
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